Yukiko Kabukiprofile

A professionally trained interpreter and translator with more than ten years’ experience. Dedicated to anthroposophic medicine, education and agriculture. Known for unimaginable accuracy, fluency and delightful voice.
  • Instructor for Interpretation and Translation  at Shirayuri University, Tokyo 2012-present
  • Freelance Interpreter 2004-present
  • Teacher of English 1995-2008
    ( Ferris Girls’ Jr.-Sr. High School etc )

Educational Background

  • M.A./ Graduate School of Comparative Culture, International Christian University
  • B.A./ Division of Humanities, International Christian University
  • also studied at the University of Leeds, UK on JYA
  • graduated from  Ferris Girls’ Jr.-Sr. High School

Other Certificates

  • Standard Test of English Proficiency (Eiken) Grade 1
  • Diplom Deutshe in Japan: Oberstufe = Grade 1.5
  • Diplôme d’Aptitude Pratique au Français
  • Tomatis Audio-Vocal Method consultant
  • Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology licentiate (the first and only one in Japan)
  • National Certificate to teach Naginata at High Schools  ( Kendo-like martial arts with longer swords )