• We appreciate that editing videos and recordings for  DVDs and booklets was so easy with Yukiko. This is not possible with an amateur interpreter. We saved so much of our time and money. ( Ms.Y,  educator, Kanagawa)
  • Not having Yukiko means dumping our products and courses. ( Mr.T, educator, Yokohama )
  • Yukiko is the symbol of  our pride we take in our courses. ( Ms. S, therapist, Yokohama )
  • She fully passes our love for our products to the participants. That is why they respond so postitively. ( Ms. G, organic producer, Germany )


  • Yukiko follows my melody  with her voice. I can feel that she maintains the order of images.IMG_1585 When she said “Ohgaras”, meaning a raven in Japanese, I was aware she was seeing the image of a raven. Her voice carries images. Some people say storytelling is not possible to interpret. That’s true it is not what anybody can do but some special persons can.  I do not tell stories in a language that people do not fully understand. I do not want to tell stories to blank faces. That is why I always ask her to translate. ( Mr. A, stage performer and teacher , UK )
  • If you do not translate for me, I will not come back to Japan. (Ms. V, life coach, UK )
  • I am convinced she understands what is essential. I do not understand Japanese but I am so convinced. ( Mr. S, educator, US )
  • Some Japanese people told me that amateur interpretation is good enough for spiritual fields. I do not think so. They just make up their own story to fill the gap they do not understand. They should have a listen to Yukiko. ( Mr. C, teacher and storyteller , UK )
  • It feels strange to speak on my own. I am now so used to the comfortable rhythm of  our voice canon with her. ( Mr. W, teacher and artist, UK )


  • Yukiko has blown my image of interpretation away and left me in a shock state. I myself am966026_759512790741731_488610774_o an interpreter and do know many other interpreters but she is exceptional. (Ms. N, interpreter, Tokyo )
  • Once you are used to Yukiko’s interpretation, you cannot stand AN interpreter. She is THE interpreter. ( Mr. T, CEO, Yokohama )
  • The moment she opened her mouth,  I realized she was different. (Ms. W, language instructor, Fuskuhima )
  • I was amazed when she was interpreting for a storyteller. I decided to take her course as I want to be like her. ( Ms. N, college student, Tokyo )
  • As a good English speaker, I never appreciated any interpreter until  I listened to Yukiko. She was  so accurate yet natural and fluent. She showed me how my English was fragile. ( Mr. N, life coach, Osaka )
  • Before application I made sure Yukiko was interpreting for us or otherwise I would not come. ( Ms. H, occupational therapist, Gumma )
  • Your interpretation is not just artistic but  art itself. ( Dr. Y, medical doctor, Yokohama )
  • I simply enjoy her resonant voice.  In a long course, interpreter’s voice quality matters. She is the best. ( Mr. W, therapists, Kanagawa )
  •  When I asked a question in Japanese, I knew I was confused. But the moment when I heard myself in her English, I was amazed at its clarity and simplicity. She sees through my mind!  ( Mr. T, high school teacher, Sendai )